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About Us - Anirya

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About Anirya



We Strive to bring traditional beauty care to you in a very modern and convenient way.

In India traditional bathing & skincare routine
had Milk, Honey, Neem, Tulsi, Turmeric,
Sandalwood, Fullers Earth, Lemon, Papaya and
many such things straight from kitchen and
mother nature.

However, in modern times, these rituals are not
only inconvenient but also time consuming. So, at
Anirya, we strive to bring traditional beauty care
to you in a very modern and convenient way. We
also strive to reduce our carbon footprints by
making our products in small batches and with
natural products.

Our ultimate goal is to be a bold and beautiful
skin care brand having nationawide presence
and worldwide mark!

Our Story

Being a Mother is learning about strengths you
didn’t know you had & dealing with fears you
didn’t know existed – Linda Wooten

Journey of Anirya started with my motherhood. In my
search of providing best skin care to my daughter, I
realized, how many harmful chemicals we use on our skin
care regime. After close study, I realized,that the so called
natural soaps, available in the market are also a myth and
are equally loaded with harmful chemicals.

Initially what started as a kitchen experiment, led me to
receive comments, “Oh! Your Baby has such a wonderful

This further encouraged me to learn the soap making
process professionally & research on herbs, fruits, oils, and
their combinations which have been used over the ages in
our culture.

Over the time as people further asked if I have creams,
scrubs, face packs and much more. Thus Started Anirya We
are committed to give you natural skin care at it’s best.

                                                                           – Anagha Sawant